Social responsibility

Social Responsibilities (our commitment to people) 

CSR philosophy

While offering accessible banking opportunities for the underprivileged, Pak-Oman Micro Finance bank also believes that the gauge of its performance lies in its understanding of the role of a corporate citizen in society.
The purpose of this effort is to achieve a two-pronged approach: financial inclusion and sustainability. We at Pak-Oman believe that our initiatives – poverty alleviation and financial inclusion for economic and social uplift and sustainability – will lead to a better future and a better World to live in.

CSR footprint

Pak Oman is proud of its growing footprint towards poverty reduction among other MFIs and MFBs. However, there is a need to extend its efforts to further benefit the access of communities in a quintessential area such as “Education for Girls”.
Pak Oman’s social inter-disciplinary footprint will be focused on “Education for Girls” as part of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives along with Poverty Alleviation as its mainstream banking offering. It will also include short-term voluntary philanthropy projects which will include donating to small scale NGO-run Girl Schools in Pakistan

CSR strategy

A CSR Management Committee has been established that will oversee the planning, execution and impact of the initiatives undertaken and the progress of the initiatives. Pak Oman’s CSR initiatives and activities will be reported in the year-end Annual report and uploaded on the Bank’s website.